Welcome to the photo blog for The Brain Scoop.  My name is Emily, and I’m the host of the educational YouTube channel based out of the The Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, formerly filmed in the University of Montana Zoological Museum (UMZM).

 The purpose of this blog and TBS is to share with the public the behind-the-scenes work of one of the largest natural history museums in the world. 

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About the Author:  My name is Emily Graslie and I graduated from The University of Montana with a BFA in painting in 2011.  I began an internship with the UMZM during my last semester of college in order to practice scientific illustration and skeletal preparation, and gradually became involved with the inner workings of the museum.  My tasks included training other volunteers and interns, giving tours, acting as TA for ANTH/BIOB 495: Vertebrate Osteology, preparing specimens for the collection, organizing public outreach projects, and the processes involved with accessioning new donations.  I am currently pursuing my MA in Museum Studies through Johns Hopkins University.  

In May 2013, I accepted a job as Chief Curiosity Correspondent for The Field Museum, and our show relocated to film on location in Chicago!

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My main references: 

  • Animal Diversity Web | University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.  Large database/reference for a wide variety of animal natural history. Used for checking nomenclature, and quick facts about individual species.  
  • ITIS (Integrated Taxonomic Information System) | The ‘official’, most up-to-date reference for taxonomic nomenclature.  
  • Mammal Species of the World by Wilson and Reeder | I reference both the 3rd Edition 2005 publication by Johns Hopkins, as well as the Smithsonian NMNH online searchable database adapted from aforementioned publication.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about what we do or the processes involved with museum studies work.  I am happy to give advice about animal identification and preparation, but before you go bone hunting please inform yourself of your local, state, and federal laws concerning the collection and possession of animal remains, including things like roadkill, skulls, fur, feathers, nests, and eggs.  Many animals are protected, and you may need certain permits before collecting them!

The views and opinions expressed on this blog are those of one individual. 

All photographs published on this tumblr are (C) to Emily Graslie unless otherwise credited.  You may not republish or use them for any reason without attributing them to the appropriate source!