Painting by Eric Carlson
The University of Montana Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum 

Congratulations to  skelelegs for being the first to identify Friday’s Freak of the Week as the skull of a hyena, and extra awesome spectacular bonus points to  mollisaurus for narrowing that down to the brown hyena, (Hyaena brunnea)!  I had the idea recently to go back and tabulate and post the results of every FotW so far, as well as the winners, and then the ultimate all-time identifying champion will get a few posters from the UMZM!  We have a poster calendar (it’s from 2008…. but it’s still so cool!) with images of specimens from our museum, as well as the NEW Bats of Montana poster featuring 15 native species, and on the back all of their data and locality information —  SOOOO COOL!  I will let you all have a little more time to compete for those stellar prizes, so remember that Freak of the Week is posted every Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 12noon Mountain time.  

We are getting close to the end of featuring all of the artists involved in our group art show.  Today I bring you this magnificent painting, The Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum by Eric Carlson, a scientific illustrator and archaeologist graduate student here at the University of Montana.  He has used the collection for research in his illustrative work before and is a big fan of our museum — this painting is very large, 4’ x 4’, acrylic on canvas, and is the most accurate portrayal of our crowded collections room that I have ever seen. It is an absolute must-see if you are on campus and going to check out our show!  The detail work is fantastic and I just can’t express how much of a fan I am of this work, and so grateful Eric decided to participate in our show with us.  

To see more work from that show, the gallery, and everything else: