This is a fantastic video produced by the American Museum of Natural History in New York about how early taxidermy mount practices as perfected by Robert Rockwell and Carl Akeley.  Check out the short article by the AMNH here

What is stunning to me in particular about these creatures is their weightlessness.  Take the wolves in the video for instance — yes, they look like wolves, and are obviously dead.  But they are launching or landing in their stride supported by one paw.  Their bodies take on this dynamic arc and if you blink or look away for one second, the illusion is granted that they are still running, as if they are still hungry in pursuit of their prey.  Capturing these natural moments is truly what makes taxidermy an art.  

Naturally, we will be discussing the characters mentioned in the video a lot more in the future.  I’ll be out of the museum today in order to film some secret fun surprises off-campus, so I apologize for the lack of Freaks of the Week as of late.