Some kind of deer.

My friend found this in her locker at school (woo art students!~) and I thought I’d take some pictures. I think it’s a deer skull as it is quite small, and having seen elk up close before, I know it can’t be that (or I am terribly wrong, who knows).

But yeah, I thought I’d share! I like bones. :3

PS: We now think that my friend’s locker-buddy has left this in her locker. Said locker-buddy tells us this is an elk skull, but I don’t think it is. I think it is too small to be an elk? But it is missing the front of it’s face after all… Maybe its meant to be far bigger. We could use your help!


Far too small to be an elk — this is the partial skull of a whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus).  You can tell the difference between whitetails and mule deer because the former have branched antlers, whereas the latter have forked antlers.  ’Branching’ implies there is one ‘root’ or center antler which the other antlers literally branch off of — forking occurs when a branch splits into two separate antlers.  Make sense?  Once you learn this little trick it is very easy to identify between the two species. 

Thanks for sharing!