Miracle of America Museum
.5 Mouse

Today I had to drive about an hour north of Missoula to Polson, MT, in order to visit The Miracle of America Museum to fulfill a research requirement for one of my Museum Studies courses.  I love the MoAM for what it is — an incredibly extensive and eclectic accumulation of absolutely anything and everything to do with America and its history.  They have everything from old toys, to clothes, guns and war memorabilia, outbuildings that are reconstructed like old barber shops, school houses — even an old fishing ship, some flying saucers made out of sheet metal, and the largest collection of bicycles and motorcycles I’ve ever seen.  Even a herse from the 1890s, but I digress (I’ll write more about it on my personal tumblr later).

I wanted to share with you guys this creature that the owner excitedly pulled out from a back room when I told him I worked in the campus zoological museum.  Apparently one of his pickers brought it in to go along with the biology exhibit in the old schoolhouse — it’s half of a mouse, and I don’t just mean it’s been bisected.  It was born with only forelimbs; skin and fur entirely covers its midsection and there are no lower limbs or bottom half to the torso.  Very weird.