I’m embedding this video again because YouTube has, once more, age-restricted my content.  I have reviewed their community guidelines and this video fails to violate them in any way that I can see.  

The reason we make these videos is due to the unique nature of this job.  I do not think it’s difficult to make the argument that the majority of people will never get to see zoological preparation in real life, thus our utilization of online video as a venue to share the trials and tribulations of working as a preparator for a research museum.  Essentially it is my goal to fill a void in the average person’s educational background and to increase awareness of and interest in natural history and zoological collections.

You must be 18 in order to watch the video, and obviously there are ways to get around it, but that isn’t especially the reason why I am so upset (it is part of it, definitely).  This goes along with what Hank was talking about in his Vlogbrothers video from yesterday- we do not get paid for videos that have been age-restricted because advertisers are unable to run their ads on them.  In a time when we are attempting to sustain ourselves, having a video become age-restricted is not only disheartening, but it places an unnecessary roadblock in our ability to move forward.  Needless to say, we will be looking at alternate ways to raise funding for our show in the near future, and we appreciate your understanding and support of our program.